Thursday, May 3, 2007

There were 3, repeat 3, wood peckers outside my window a little while back. But unfortunately my camera phone wasn't up to capturing a pic because firstly they were not too near, plus it's a cloudy day. So here's a picture from They are beautiful birds, with a loud raucous cry. The 3 of them were battling for space on the same side of an old coconut tree with a chipmunk. I can still hear them outside.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Ok, here are two pictures taken with my phone, both of orchids. One was taken in the afternoon, the other was taken in the evening. The first is of one of my 2 scorpion orchids. I'm trying to show off here, cos otherwise I promise you I am not a fancy gardener. It's trees and easy growing plants for me strictly.
The other picture, though not very clear, is of a bunch of lovely white tiny orchids, called pigeon orchids. They are at the next door house and on a coconut tree. The amazing thing is that darn thing blooms every time there is a function there! So this time was 'cos there was a birthday party there the day before.