Monday, February 9, 2009

Here's the magpie robin sitting on the champa tree outside of my dining room. If you click here. you'll get to see him having his drink of water and bath, all the time whistling sweetly. I think it's mating time for them. That's when he sings the sweetest song.

"Birds on the tree tops sing their song,
They fill the air with music all day long.
Each flower in the garden sings it too;
So why shouldn't I, why shouldn't you
Praise Him too!"

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A hot day!

It was a pretty hot day a couple of days back.  So everyone was at the water hole!

First was a magpie robin--


then a chipmunk

and then, towards dusk, crows discussing the day's happenings at the water hole. Each waited their turn to drink and some had a quick bath too.

I'm sorry the chipmunk isn't too clear.  He was way too timid to allow me any nearer