Monday, May 24, 2010

Personal Fitness Trainer!

I realize have the best personal trainer! If I sit down, even for a minute, there she is at me, shouting at me to get up and be on my feet. If I do sit down, it must be for some serious stuff--no sitting in front of the comp or sitting down with my mobile phone. As long as I'm walking around,or standing, whether inside the house or outside, she lies peacefully in a corner of wherever I am. She's happiest of course, if I'm in the kitchen.
This morning was the funniest. I decided to tidy up a shelf in my wardrobe. I laid the clothes from that shelf on the bed. Then I sat down to fold them into piles. There she was, my personal trainer, barking her head off. When I finally stood up and started folding the clothes standing, she went off to a corner of the bedroom, where the breeze from the overhead fan would be on her and went peacefully to sleep!!!!
So probably in a year or show, I'll be this really fit 60 yr old, almost fit enough to run probably:-)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Early morning.........
Butterscotch body stretches, liquid eyes smile, furry head plops on my lap;---love.
Pale brown ears flapping, cream tail wagging, puppy legs pumping, grinning mouth full of toy, a furry missile swings past---joy :-)

Monday, May 10, 2010

I have an old exercycle, which had been consigned to an outside shed. But recently I decided to pull it out, to make way for something else. So it was just placed in the backyard, till I could think of where to put it.
So now, it sits in a corner of my backyard, a corner where I hope to catch a stray breeze. It is now where I now sit on an evening, cycling desultorily, looking at the trees, looking through the leaves for the stars, inhaling whatever the warm night air brings, sometimes good and sometimes not so good, while my pup, happy to have me outside, lies on a cool bed she's made for herself, in the ground near me.
I enjoy my evening peace and feel virtuous in the bargain!