Saturday, July 11, 2009

First night walk, July

Today there is a break in the monsoons. It didn't rain the whole day and not now in the night either. So I was able to take the first longish night walk this month.
It was beautiful out. The sky was full of stars. There were only a few scattered clouds. I walked out and saw, high up in the southern sky, the constellation of Scorpio. I wished I knew the names of more constellations. The air was balmy, with a just a light, caressing breeze.
The darkness of the trees were lit up by fireflies. I saw the silhouettes of the large fruit bats flying overhead. The frogs serenaded me. I heard the screeches of the Palm civet. There were the occasional sounds of crickets.
A peaceful night in my green oasis.


  1. Thanks for telling me about your favourite trees. The Poinciana is a much loved and planted tree in gardens and streets here too. I almost feel like we could be walking in one another's neighbourhood, we share similar birds, insects and frogs and this civet could easily pass for one of our possums in looks and lack of manners I bet too ;) Just the seasons have us looking at different things *!*

  2. And the fact that Australia has such unique fauna!


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