Thursday, November 26, 2009

It's been a while since I went for a walk after dark. I was able to make it this evening, as for one, my daughter and her children have gone to her in-laws' place and then--after quite a while--it wasn't raining.
A half moon was visible, bright in the darkening sky. I could hear a rather small frog chorus and a few crickets had started their evening performance, it only just turning dark. Somehow I couldn't get the perfumes of the flowers, except maybe that of the frangipani.
But then, in a trice, just when I thought that the night was so beautifully clear, clouds appeared oh so suddenly, first wispy and then thicker, so that the moon looked like she was shining behind a thin pink curtain. It got warm. Maybe it will rain later tonight.
Now as I sit at my computer, by the window, I can get the scent of flowers, thought I don't know what they are.
A quiet evening.

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  1. the smell of frangipani.. ah! i love the tranquillity of this post..


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