Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bird calls

Here are two videos. The first one is of the magpie robin's cry alone. I hadn't seen one around for a while. But there he was after the first few summer showers. Wanted to show what the magpie robin's call is, because in the second video, he's having a hard time making himself heard over the racket-tailed drongo's loud and varied warbles.

In the second video, you can also hear the cawing of a crow and unfortunately the sound of a vehicle horn (very common in India alas).


  1. Isn't it funny how you can be listening to a birdsong and as soon as you start to record a car or a lawn mower will start up!

    It's always lovely to hear birds from elsewhere singing.

  2. Actually Bimbimbie, we live just off a major road! I'm just lucky we still have so much green around and that the birds & animals come:-)


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