Monday, May 24, 2010

Personal Fitness Trainer!

I realize have the best personal trainer! If I sit down, even for a minute, there she is at me, shouting at me to get up and be on my feet. If I do sit down, it must be for some serious stuff--no sitting in front of the comp or sitting down with my mobile phone. As long as I'm walking around,or standing, whether inside the house or outside, she lies peacefully in a corner of wherever I am. She's happiest of course, if I'm in the kitchen.
This morning was the funniest. I decided to tidy up a shelf in my wardrobe. I laid the clothes from that shelf on the bed. Then I sat down to fold them into piles. There she was, my personal trainer, barking her head off. When I finally stood up and started folding the clothes standing, she went off to a corner of the bedroom, where the breeze from the overhead fan would be on her and went peacefully to sleep!!!!
So probably in a year or show, I'll be this really fit 60 yr old, almost fit enough to run probably:-)


  1. Good good ... so you have someone egging you on to be fit ... if only I could too :)

  2. Haha, just don't let her get her paws on a whistle *!*

  3. Wow, grandmom! You seem to be this really cool, and now may I add, fit woman! You sure rock for a to-be-60-year-old!


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