Saturday, October 15, 2011

We had gone to the island of Langkawi, off the coast of Malaysia, for 5 days last week.  The place where we stayed, was between cliffs and the beach and the hotel tried to maintain the rainforest as much as possible. We took a guided nature walk through the grounds of the resort and saw a lemur, and a group of dusky leaf langurs near the waters edge.  I later spied a monitor lizard, a kind we have here.  We heard and saw a pair of hornbills flying by.  I spied a pair of them later too.
As my camera is just an ordinary digital one, I couldn't zoom in and get too many shots.  Anyway I'll share a few.
A dusky leaf langur can just be spotted

A monitor lizard posing for me on a tree in the sun
Take a look at this link of Langkawi nature, and you can see better photographs of the monkey and one of the lemur and of the birds, some of which we have here in our country, in our state.

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  1. Ya ..i love these pictures.its great.


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