Friday, February 10, 2012

This morning, I stood at my sink looking out.  I see a cat lying outside.  The way it lay, it didn't look good and I thought, ' Oh the dogs, look what they did!'  although there was no sign of blood anywhere.  I watched it for a while and then went off to make myself a cup of coffee.
Later, when putting the empty cup in the sink, I looked out and the cat was still there in the exact same position. After a bit, I went outside to take a look at it and then get it buried soon.  I walked towards the still cat and felt sorry as he/she had been living on my rooftop for quite a while.  When I got within touching distance, suddenly up comes the head and two yellow eyes survey me.  But as it didn't seem to be making any move to get up, I thought maybe he/she was injured.  I figured to take a closer look, but before that, shouted to my maid that the cat was alive, but maybe just.  The next minute the cat was up and away in a bound!
I've been smiling the rest of the morning, at how completely I got fooled :-)

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  1. there is a lot in your little story, thank you for writing it. gave my morning a very nice start.


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