Friday, January 15, 2016

Lovely sight.

Today I saw a lovely sight.  At the pre-school I work at, there is, at present, a male papaya (pawpaw) tree just outside a window, which is full of flowers.
(taken from the Net)
I saw, from the corner of my eye, two birds fly across.  When I crept up to the window, I saw a beautiful 'Loten's' sunbird sipping the nectar from the flower.  It was a male bird.  He was a beautiful shining dark blue.  Before I could tell the children and get my phone to phtotgraph him, he flew away.  But I have a picture of the sunbird (credit Dr. Krishna Mohan)...

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  1. Hey, I do keep reading your stuff... so please don't stop writing! I would, in fact, come see you in your beautiful surrounding that I can only imagine! Keep at it, thank you!!


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