Thursday, February 25, 2016

Peaceful easy feeling

Yesterday evening, the two of us(hubby & I) decided to go to Kumarakom to one of the clubs.  We reached just after dusk.   As it is the time of the 7 weeks Lent before Easter, which is observed by a large number of people in our town, (no alcohol and no meat or fish), there was nobody at the club and we had it to ourselves.
When we reached there was a cool, brisk breeze blowing, enough to make the water hitting the walls near the water go plop, plop loudly.  The lights across the backwater were just slowly becoming visible.  A lone country boat went silently across, with just a little red light flashing-out to catch our famous fish--karimeen, pearl spot--I'm sure.   We sat at a table near the water.  The waiter there asked if we needed a light at our table and we declined the offer.
The sky and the water got dark.  The moon came out.  There was an owl in the tree over our heads; a large fruit bat flew out from the other tree.  There were fireworks visible from the temples across the water.
The feeling of peace still lingers

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