Thursday, April 23, 2009

A cityscape night walk

I walked around my daughter's apartment complex in South city, in lieu of my regular night walks here at home.
Though warm, there is a strong breeze blowing at different directions of my walk. The warm air is occasionally scented by the white flowers growing in the window boxes of the apartment complex. Unfortunately the breeze carries with it occasional whiffs of the famous Cooum river (not nice at all)! What I see overhead is the heat haze lit up my the city lights, through which I see one star bravely trying to make it's presence felt. I hear the constant drone of planes overhead flying fairly low on their paths to and from the nearby airport and the occasional sound of a commuter train passing on their struts that lie just near the apartment. I see a bird confused by the light, coming in to catch a few insects attracted by the fluroscent lights.
But all the same the breeze blows away the cobwebs of my mind and I go back inside, the lighter for it.

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