Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Last night when I went for my walk, I realised it is warm night air that holds scents. Last night was a relatively clear night and therefor warm and the perfumes of the night flowers were heavy near each tree, seeming to pool on the ground at the foot of the trees, in the flower carpets beneath each tree.
Late last week, when there was a rain shower almost every evening, it was extremely pleasant walking outside, the air light and gentle on my skin, a cool breeze blowing, the sky lit up occasionally by distant lightning. But I missed the scented breezes. It was as though the light air had carried away the scents.
So now it's a toss up between wanting a shower to ease the heat, and wanting a warm night to smell the smells that spice up my walk.


  1. It's been rainy here the past few days - I think I'd take some sunshine! :-)

  2. I'd go for the warm night to smell the smells that spice up life, sumptuous.

    I have not idea how I found you, but ...:-)


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