Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Random pictures

Three pictures to be precise :-)

 A bowl of bird;s eye chillies, from a plant growing wild among the trees
  An orange fungus/fungi growing on a cut mahogany log;

A tug toy I made for my 6 month old pup--of half a coconut shell and coconut fibre rope.


  1. Love the lushness of the two colours ... are they as hot as they look?

    Nature is always at work :)

    6 months already, but then July is knocking at the door *!*

  2. Good idea about this alternate blog...since you do so love clicking nature pics! I don't notice the ordinary day-to-day beautiful things...unfortunately..but I do love the picture of elsa's toy.

  3. Bimbimbie, they are very hot and tiny.


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