Saturday, July 3, 2010

Last Sunday

A lazy Sunday afternoon; a lull in the monsoons.  I take a walk outside with the Lab girl without her leash, because nobody is out at 3 p.m. on a Sunday afternoon!  So she runs through tall grass (part jungle now it's the rainy season) and enjoys herself and I, I enjoy the South-westerly winds and listen and watch the bird life.

There are 2 couples having a heated dispute--a racket-tailed drongo couple and a regular drongo pair.  There are a pair of crow pheasants going 'Oop, oop, oop' to each other and when I join in, I can see the initiating pheasant is totally confused and so that shushes me.  There are sundry mynahs flying hither and thither.  I see a woodpecker flying into a tree high over my head--too high to see the colours clearly.  There is a flash of blue when Lab & I move to another area--a kingfisher flying off at the disturbance.  

I feel so grateful at being able to enjoy all this.

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  1. I love to notice how the changing of the seasons change with the birdsongs. Right now the smaller songbirds of winter have taken over from the louder less melodic summer birds*!*


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