Monday, January 31, 2011

Sunday morning I saw a mongoose family--presumably it was a family.  There were two adult mongooses and a baby, just about running around.  It must have been all of about 10 inches long.  They were sunning themselves under the pruned gulmohur tree after which father mongoose moved on in front, baby in the middle and mom bringing up the rear.  The baby was just having fun.  I saw it dragging itself through the warm earth, then running on ahead a bit, and even jumping over mama.  As always, the camera was not anywhere near.  I did try to use my phone camera, but couldn't a good shot.  Was a lovely show!


  1. These unexpected meetings are wonderful with or without a camera and your description paints a lively picture in my head. Smiles*!*

  2. Thanks Bimbimbie! Yes, having wild life--although of the small variety--around me is so wonderful.


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