Monday, March 14, 2011


Baby mongoose seems to have grown.  I've been hearing mongooses in the undergrowth outside my window.  Today I was able to catch mamma & baby--who has become a lanky youngster now.  How many different types of cries I heard!  At times it seemed like Mama was screaming at her baby, probably for taking risks.!  I also watched as she turned around and murmured at baby--who was loitering around behind her.  I see all this from my windows.  But I have to be very quiet.  Any loud sound and they're off.


  1. Smiling, such little moments are real treasures to see and hear in our day aren't they. Last night I watched as a baby possum tried to take the food from its mother; she continued eating quietly using one paw whilst the other one was kept busy patting the little one's nose and mouth in remonstration :)

  2. Oh that must've been a treat to watch!

  3. Have never seen a mongoose. So many birds in other places that we never get to see here. Yesterday I saw two birds I have never seen before. Their under-sides were the bright red like a cardinal, but their backs were a real deep sharp black design with a tiny bit of white, so very pretty. Tried to get some pictures, but they were in my apple tree a long ways from my back porch, so couldn`t get a real clear shot. Knew if I went closer they would have flown away.


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