Thursday, June 23, 2011

I went for my evening walk and there were a great many fireflies around, winking in the leaves on the trees and the bushes.  Fireflies are in abundance during the monsoon lulls.  Anyway, my lab was around too, following me around leisurely, chasing the occasional frog or lizard.  Just towards the end of my walk, when I slowed down and we were in the same place, I saw this firefly hovering around Lab girl's head and then it sat on the top of her head, winking away!  It looked so cute and I so wished I had a camera with me.  One more of those misses.


  1. Hi, Yesterday I was wishing I had my camera handy. I stood a long time just watching the small bird sleeping with it`s head under a wing while setting at one of my small bird feeders on the back porch. I waited too long to go after the camera and as I was nearing the back door to get a picture, the bird awoke and flew away.

  2. There are many instances when I have had those misses too... :)

    Beauty clicked in the eyes of the camera lasts forever in the memory of the mind. So why feel bad ??

  3. Sounds like a lovely moment and I agree with Dee above - clicked by the eyes and a memory is born.

    Smiles to you*!*

  4. Thanks all. Yes, certainly a memory was born. Unfortunately memories are so fragile...Anyway, here's hoping I can hold on to it for a while.


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