Saturday, July 9, 2011

Law of the wild.

Today, around noon, hearing a big commotion outside and much screeching from the birds, I went out to see what was the matter.  Peering up through the foliage, I saw a pair of frantic racket-tailed drongos, screeching and generally carrying on.  I thought they were trying to chase away another pair from invading their space.  But instead what did I see, an owl, or maybe a small kite, I couldn't quite tell, taking away one of their babies (or maybe an egg).  The pair tried their best to get their offspring back.  But I don't think they succeeded.  That's the law of the jungle alas!


  1. True and both a joy and sorrow to witness such events I think*!*

  2. Hi HGM, its very sad. But as you said in the last line of your post, all is not fair in this world. :( Such is the way of life.

  3. Hi HGM, your post inspired me to write up a post today. Please read it in your free time. Here is the link to it -

    Thanks for your time.


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